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cf lets you create an empty file.

This is a very humble tool, but I use it a lot, because I find it much faster to create an empty text file with cf from the command line of Total Commander (or a similar file manager) and then open this file to edit it, than to open the editor, open a new file, and save it under the desired name to the desired destination.

Current version: 2018-04-12 – download link below.


cf filename[.extension]

Spaces are permitted (multiple spaces will be reduced to single ones).

If no extension is given (that is, 'filename' does not contain a dot), then the extension .txt is assumed.

An existing file will not be overwritten.

cf -? displays the help text and the program version.


cf my file — creates file "my file.txt"

cf my file.dat — creates file "my file.dat"

cf my file. — creates file "my file" (no extension)

Download and Installation

Download program file and documentation: (version 2018-04-12)

Unpack the zip file (it contains cf.exe and the documentation file cf.txt) and move or copy cf.exe to a directory that is included in the system path; you can then use it from the Windows command line. Nothing gets written to the registry. To uninstall, simply delete.

Disclaimer: I have tested this program and am using it myself, but I cannot guarantee its correct function under all circumstances.


This program, including the source code, is freeware. Do with it whatever you like. If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or comments, I’d be glad to hear from you.

Source files

This program is written in Euphoria, version 4.0.5, compiled with Watcom C/C++ compiler 1.9, and compressed with upx. Euphoria is open source, and available at

Download Euphoria source files (not necessary for using the program):


04/12/2018 – first published version


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