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The Dunyazad Library Release Numbers

In case you’ve wondered about the “release numbers” given in the books and on the authors’ pages:

The first release of each book in the Library has the release number 1.0, for each of the file formats (PDF, plain text, ePub and Mobi).

After minor changes, which can be a single comma or a spelling error fixed, a hundredth digit is added, or, if it already is part of the release number, counted forward – for instance, 1.01, or 1.02

After somewhat larger changes or error fixes, the number after the decimal point is counted forward, and the hundredth digit (if there had been one) removed – for instance, 1.1 or 1.2

After major changes, like additions to the text, the number before the decimal point is counted forward, and the number after the decimal point reset to zero – for instance, 2.0

All these changes, and the corresponding release numbers, apply to all the file formats of a book.

When a change affects only the layout, but not the text, of a particular file format, then a letter is added to its release number – for instance, 1.0a or 1.02a


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