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Mara Samsara

Dark and Viscous

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With the fall of the lands, trade had come to a standstill. Only the few fugitives, who still had managed to escape the darkness, arrived here and sought entry. Here they felt safe. Those fools. Did they really think that wood and stone might keep the horror out?

No, this is not about an epidemy, this story was written before Covid-19. This is about a darkness which is deeper than the absence of light. That darkness that lurks within each one of us, even if we are not aware of it.


Mara Samsara

The author was born around 1990 into an insignificant spot on this earth. After detours to several corners of Europe she now lives at a place which claims for itself to be cosmopolitan and enlightened, and which, in some ways, may actually be.

The pseudonym of Mara Samsara makes it possible for the author to publish thoughts and stories (also outside of the Dunyazad Digital Library) whose attribution to her real name society would not meet with approval. The author deals with fears, desires, pains and passions, taboos and hopes, which few would admit in themselves, but from which nonetheless they can not escape. Like so many other works, a major part of Mara Samsara’s texts have their sources in personal experiences, with which — next to an unhealthy amount of self-reflection — she tries to deal by writing.

To read means to wander within the minds of others. Even if Mara Samsara doesn’t remember to whom this aphorism has to be attrib­uted, she acknowledges its truth. Her texts she understands as an approximation to reality. True pain, genuine desire, exist only in the moment. And yet Mara Samsara devotes herself to the ideal of grasp­ing with mere words what exclusively belongs to the mind.

Under the address the author is willing to engage in exchanges of ideas. Particularly regarding those ideas which arise from the dark confusions of the mind.


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