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Download statistics

The 16 most frequently downloaded books.
All file formats (epub, mobi, pdf, txt) combined.
Numbers are for 3 months.

(Note: I do not fully trust these numbers, but they are what my provider’s statistics reports give me.)

October to December 2021

William Blake; The Marriage of Heaven and Hell – 484

Homer; Odyssey – 247

Robert E. Howard; Conan – 210

Herodotus; History – 175

Bertha von Suttner; Die Waffen nieder! (Lay Down Your Arms!) – 153 [1]

Mary Kingsley; Travels in West Africa – 140

Mara Samsara; Zäh und dunkel (Dark and Viscuous) – 131 [2]

Robert E. Howard; A Gibbet Against the Sky (Poems) – 129 [3]

Richard Francis Burton; 1001 Nights, Volume 10 – 122 [3]

Mary Wollstonecraft; Letters – 105

Homer; Iliad – 100

Mary Shelley; The Last Man – 99

Robert E. Howard; Solomon Kane – 97

Robert E. Howard; Kull, Bran Mak Morn and Turlogh Dubh O’Brien – 95

Sir Galahad (Bertha Eckstein-Diener); Mütter und Amazonen – 94

Edgar Rice Burroughs; Pellucidar – 91

[1] 67 of these downloads in German, 86 in English

[2] 57 of these downloads in German, 74 in English

[3] Including 26 “letter format” PDFs

[4] Other volumes between 121 and 91,
plus zip files which contain all 16 volumes – 62


If a reader downloads more than one file format of the same books each download is counted, therefore the numbers of readers who have downloaded particular books may be lower than the figures show.

A significant part of the downloads comes from various external links to individual book files. These links influence absolute download numbers and their relative ranking.

Visitors to this website do not get tracked in any way, the server statistics only give me the views or download numbers per month for each page or file. They may not be entirely reliable.


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