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Download statistics

The 15 most frequently downloaded books.
All file formats (epub, mobi, pdf, txt) combined.
Numbers are for 3 months.

April to June 2020

Herodotus; History – 1439

Robert E. Howard; Conan – 1285

Homer; Odyssey – 908

Richard Francis Burton; 1001 Nights, Volume 16 – 734 *)

Homer; Iliad – 593

Robert E. Howard; Kull, Bran Mak Morn and Turlogh Dubh O’Brien – 558

Mary Shelley; The Last Man – 477

Bertha von Suttner; Lay Down Your Arms – 411

Robert E. Howard; Solomon Kane – 344

William Blake; The Marriage of Heaven and Hell – 331

Lady Gregory; Cuchulain – 325

Mary Kingsley; Travels in West Africa – 281

Robert E. Howard; A Gibbet Against the Sky (Poems) – 266 **)

Henry Rider Haggard; She – 205

Jack London; The Iron Heel – 202


*) Other volumes between 497 and 189,
plus zip file which contains all volumes 176

**) Including 36 “letter format” PDFs

If a reader downloads more than one file format of the same books each download is counted, so the number of readers who download a particular book may be lower that the figures shown.

Page views of the authors’ pages are often considerably lower than the download numbers of their books, so, a large number of downloads must come from various direct external links to the individual book files. These links may have a great influence on the ranking. The relation of download numbers between file formats varies greatly – this, too, may be due to external links.

Visitors to this website do not get tracked in any way, the server statistics only give me the views or download numbers per month for each page or file.


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