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On Library matters:

General discussion:

A Few Words on Text and Form

Some discussion of technical issues:

The Dunyazad Plain Text Format (including a tool to convert plain text to htm, which in turn can be converted to epub or mobi)

Printing Dunyazad PDF files

Just in case you are interested:

A Few Words on Typesetting

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Something different:

The Librarian’s short, incomplete and non-authoritative essay on the
History of Writing

Something personal:

The Librarian’s Twitter account:


The main resources of free literature on the web:

Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg Australia:


LibriVox (human-read audio books):

(On these sites you’ll also find most of the books that are in this library, but, of course, not the same editions.)

Other interesting places to visit:

The MobileRead Forums

And in case you’re interested in films:

Free Classic Movies

An amazing website with thousands of free films of all genres, from the beginnings to 1969, whose copyrights have run out for whatever reasons.



This part of the website has nothing to do with the Library – these pages about Windows command line tools originally belonged to my former and now defunct IT services website, and I have given them here a new home.

Here you find some links and information concerning the Windows command line, and a few tools that I've written, including the command line RPN calculator Hypatia.

Windows Command Line Tools

Last updated: 05/12/2018