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Hypatia Console RPN Calculator

Hypatia has moved to her own website:

Recent version: 2.6, September 7, 2023

If you have an older version, please replace it with the recent one!


Hypatia is a programmable scientific calculator that uses an extended version of Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). It is a text-based program that you can start from the Windows desktop, the console command line, or the PowerShell.

While Hypatia offers advanced features that make it a powerful tool, it is also well suited for basic calculation purposes.

Hypatia uses an enhanced version of RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) – see On first sight it looks unfamiliar, but it is actually easy to understand and even easier to use. You find it explained in the documentation.

Hypatia does not touch the registry and has an extremely small footprint, the download zip file that includes the executable, the documentation and the source code has only 0.6 MB. You can download Hypatia from the Hypatia website, but you can also download here.

The name Hypatia is a tribute to the mathematician, astronomer and philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria. For details about her, see


Hypatia offers the usual functionality of a scientific calculator, including algebraic, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. It has functions for measurement unit conversion, six different percentage functions, three random number functions, and a few statistical functions that go beyond the regular RPN syntax. It supports decimal, hexadecimal and binary number formats.

Hypatia supports named variables that you can save to disc in plain text format and re-import later, and it allows you to define your own constants and also your own routines. It can read data from plain text files, knows loops and if/then/else clauses, can write multiple results to an output file, can log input and results, etc.

Hypatia can be used in dialogue mode, which offers the full functionality, or in “command line calculation mode” for quick single calculations.

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