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A few Windows Command Line Tools

The content of this section of the website is not related to its main purpose of providing carefully edited e-books. I have moved these pages here from my former and now defunct IT services website

About this page

Here you find some of the command line tools that I have written – mostly for my personal use or that of a friend – which may be of common interest.

To use the command line tools, you should be somewhat familiar with basic command line functionality (see page Windows Command Line Links).

For my Hypatia command line calculator there is a separate page.

The files to download are zip files, containing the executable and documentation files.

The Tools:

clip – copy text to the Windows clipboard

With clip you can either write a short text directly to the clipboard, or redirect another program's output to the clipboard, or copy a text file to the clipboard.


dir /b | clip

copies the list of files in the current directory to the clipboard.

Download program file and documentation (version 0.14):

kal – command line calendar

kal gives you the current date, the weekday of any day between 1900 and 2199, lets you list any month or any other period of time, tells you how many days off a certain date is, and tells you, for instance, the third Thursday of next month.

You will need to learn kal's syntax, but then you'll enjoy the benefits of a program that is designed to give quick answers to fast questions.

Download program file and documentation (version 0.11):

makekey – create random password or key

makekey lets you create a random string of characters for use as encryption key or password with one simple command. By default, the key gets copied to the clipboard.

You can individually specify the set of characters from which the key is created, or choose from three preset options.

Download program file and documentation (version 2014-05-10):

mp – command line player for single mp3 files

mp is a wrapper for the cmdmp3 command line mp3 player by Jim Lawless (included in the zip file). While cmdmp3 requires you to enter complete file names, you can call mp with a minimum of keystrokes.

Download program file, documentation and source code (version 2015-03-30):

zipdir – list content of zip archive files

zipdir lists the files inside zip archives. You can name specific zip files or use wildcards, and you can include zip files in subdirectories.


zipdir -s

lists the content of all zip files in the current directory and its subdirectories.

zipdir -s -z | find "myfile"

finds which zip archive contains the file "myfile".

Download program file and documentation (version 0.15.1):

Operating system requirements

Those programs should work with any Windows version from Windows 95 to Windows 10.


Download, unpack and run the exe file from the console command line prompt (it makes sense to put the executable files into a directory that is included in the system path). The programs do not need installation, and do not in any way modify the system. To uninstall, simply delete the files.


These programs are freeware, no registration is needed. You can use the executable files freely. The source codes are available for download, too (see below). Possible restrictions to the use of the source files are included there.


For bug reports, information, support requests, feature suggestions or any other kind of feedback please contact the author, Robert Schaechter, at

Note that the software and the documentation files are provided "as is," that the author assumes no responsibility for their proper functioning, and that all support by the author is given on a voluntary basis.

Source files

The programs are written in the Euphoria programming language, versions 3.1 or 4.0. Euphoria is open source, and available at

You do not need the source files to use the programs.

If you want to download source codes and libraries:

kal, clip and zipdir (Euphoria 3.1):

makekey (Euphoria 4.0):


04/01/2015 – mp version 2015-03-30

05/12/2014 – makekey version 2014-05-10

01/08/2007 – kal version 0.11

12/30/2007 – zipdir version 0.15.1

12/19/2007 – clip version 0.14


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