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Typesetting Service

As an author, you may want to self-publish your work, for instance using one of the many self-publishing and web-sales services available to print and distribute your book.

If so, you will want to have the layout and typesetting of your book done professionally, to avoid ending up with an “amateurish” looking product. (You will also want to have your book’s cover created by a professional graphic artist.)

For an affordable fee, I offer you the same high quality in layout and typesetting for your English or German manuscript that I have employed for more than 30 printed books, and for all the PDF files on this website. This way you can concentrate on content and wording, and be assured that your finished book will meet professional production standards.

I am not a graphic artist, so I will not offer you fancy layout or elaborate designs, but I will typeset your work carefully and with great attention to detail. This will also allow me to spot errors that may have slipped through your proofreading and editing process, so I can either fix them or discuss them with you.

Layout and typesetting work will of course be done in accordance with your specifications and preferences, and you will have the opportunity to proof-read the finished work and approve the final corrections or adjustments.

With a ready to print PDF file you can then either use a print-on-demand and distribution service, or have your book printed by a local print shop and arrange your own sales proceedings.

Please contact me for further information:

Robert Schaechter

Vienna, Austria


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