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mp lets you play an mp3 file from the command line.

This tool is primarily meant for users of screen readers, but it offers a simple way to play a single mp3 file from the command line to anybody.

mp uses the Windows command line mp3 player cmdmp3 by Jim Lawless.
mp is a wrapper for cmdmp3 that improves the player’s usability.

Current mp version: 2015-03-30 – download link below.

Current cmdmp3 version (included): 2015-06-27


mp filename|number|-dir|-dirn|-?

mp filename[.mp3] — plays single mp3 file.

'filename' can have wildcard characters (* and ?), but has to be unique within the current directory.

'filename' can not include a path.

If 'filename' contains spaces, it has to be enclosed in double quotes.

The extension .mp3 can be omitted.

mp number — plays n-th mp3 file (in alphabetical order) in the current directory.

'number' must be a number.

Do not use leading zeros.

mp -dir — displays sorted list of mp3 files in the current directory.

mp -dirn — displays list with numbers.

mp -ndir — same as mp -dirn.

mp -? — displays help text.


For the benefit of users of screen readers, unless there is an error message nothing gets written to the screen.

There are no controls for volume, play, pause, or stop.

You can abort playing by pressing Ctrl/C.

Download and Installation

Download program files and documentation:

(mp version 2015-03-30, cmdmp3 version 2015-06-27)

Unpack the zip file (it contains mp.exe, cmdmp3.exe and the documentation file mp.txt) and move or copy the exe files to a directory that is included in the system path; you can then use them from the Windows command line. Nothing gets written to the registry. To uninstall, simply delete.

Disclaimer: I have tested this program and am using it myself, but I cannot guarantee its correct function under all circumstances.


For cmdmp3, see that program's source code. mp, including the source code, is freeware. Do with it whatever you like. If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or comments, I’d be glad to hear from you.

Source files

mp is written in Euphoria, version 4.0.5, compiled with Watcom C/C++ compiler 1.9, and compressed with upx. Euphoria is open source, and available at

cmdmp3 is written in C and compiled with the MinGW GCC compiler.

Download source files (not necessary for using the program):


05/12/2018 – updated this page, included recent version of cmdmp3


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