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It’s free!

You need the Library Card to download most of the PDF, ePub and Mobi e-books.

Here it is – no registration required:

User name: me

Password: dunyazad

(All lower case!) Please note that name and password may change from time to time – when that happens, just go to this page to look up the new ones.

By using the Library Card you agree that you will respect the copyright notes in the files that you download. All files are free of any DRM restrictions and will be yours to keep.

That’s it – no need to read further!


Free and no need to register – why a Library Card at all?

Two simple reasons: to prevent direct links from other sites to the e-book files, and to let you see this page, where I can ask you to support the project.

It’s a very small hurdle to overcome, to type “me” and the password – by doing it, you show your appreciation of my work. Thank you!

A personal Library Card just for you

If you don’t want to bother with changing passwords, just send me a mail and tell me what name and password you want to use.

BTW, the old “Dunyazad/dy-620” Library Card is still valid.

Consider donating

Carefully proofreading, editing and typesetting all those books is a lot of work. I’d be grateful for any donation you feel ready to make, no matter how small!

To support my work, please send a few dollars or euros to my PayPal account (paying via PayPal does not require you to have a PayPal account yourself).

If you do have a PayPal account, you can simply use this link:

All donations are received with gratitude, thank you!

Stay informed

When you have asked for a personal Library Card, or when you have made a donation, I’ll send you a short note whenever a new book has been added to the Library, or any other interesting thing has happened.

You do not need to do either, though – just send me a note that you want to receive the occasional news.

I will not use your name and mail address for any other purposes, not will I give them to anyone else. Of course, at any time you can simply tell me to stop sending you messages, I will then delete your name and address.

Say Hi

Send me a note to tell me what you like or do not like about the Dunyazad Digital Library. Tell me when you have questions, suggestions or complaints, and please tell me when you find any errors.

Set a link

If you have a website or a blog that in some way relates to literature or e-books in general, or to one of the books in this library, its subject, or its author, then please set a link from there to the Dunyazad Library, and tell me about it!


The webmaster and librarian for the Dunyazad Digital Library, the editor and typesetter of its books, and the recipient of your donations is:

Robert Schaechter

Postal address: Saikogasse 9/19/4, 1220 Wien, Austria